Borrow 100 euros – Apply for a mini-loan

Do you want to borrow 100 euros?

Do you want to borrow 100 euros?

See where you can borrow 100 euros. For many people this doesn’t seem like a big problem. But running out of money when you urgently need to make a payment is very annoying. Sometimes waiting for your salary or benefits is not an option. For example, if you have to go shopping or urgently need medication that is not covered by the insurance. Then it is nice that there are lenders who even lend small amounts of 100 euros. Do you need a small amount urgently? Then you can go to various agencies.

The benefits of a mini credit

Everyone has a few days too much left at the end of the month. Very annoying if the pantry also appears to be empty. Fortunately there is mini credit. One of the advantages of this is that you can borrow a small amount of, for example, 100 euros. Such an amount can also be repaid quickly, so that you can get rid of your loan within two weeks. Another advantage is that this credit does not have to be registered with the BKR in Tiel. Moreover, you do not necessarily have to borrow more than you actually need. If the minimum loan amount would be 500 euros, it is very tempting to use up the rest of the money. Something that would probably not be wise in your situation. With a mini credit you borrow exactly enough and you are quickly debt-free again.

Calling on family is not always an option

Calling on family is not always an option

In general, people will turn to family or friends in the first instance if they need a small amount of money for a necessary expense. But unfortunately this is not an option for everyone. In some families, the money is simply not for the taking. Or the relationships are not such that you can easily ask each other for money. Perhaps you have done it before and have not been able to repay the amount owed. Or do you prefer to keep your relationships pure and want to solve your problems yourself. All legitimate reasons to borrow money somewhere else. On the internet you will find enough providers who can provide you with a small amount on attractive terms. It is up to you to choose a reliable service provider.

Borrow money from Zaloan

Borrow money from Zaloan

Zaloan is the market leader in Europe in the field of mini loans. It is a reliable company that operates internationally and has been able to help more than 2 million people in more than 10 years. Most banks use decent minimum amounts when it comes to credit. But often the problems are not that great and you are already helped with 100 or 200 euros. Zaloan offers you mini loans up to an amount of 400 euros with a duration of 15 or 30 days. Because you only borrow for a very short time, the interest that you have to pay at the end is easy to oversee. Such a mini-loan or flash credit can cover just those few days until the end of the month.

Borrow money without BKR testing

Borrow money without BKR testing

If you only want to borrow a small amount to bridge the short period to your salary, you don’t want to havesle with the BKR. Large lenders are required to register every loan in Tiel, but Zaloan specializes in small loans and has its own system for this. When you apply for a mini loan from Zaloan, you will therefore not be tested at the BKR. Any other loans or a negative registration therefore have no influence on the approval of the credit. Your application can therefore be assessed quickly, so that you immediately know where you stand. In most cases you have an amount of up to several hundred euros in your account within a day.

Request easily and pay off quickly

To borrow 100 euros, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into Zaloan. You can immediately apply for your mini credit online and often have your money available the next day. However, to be eligible for a loan, you must be over 18 years old. When applying, you must be able to provide a valid proof of identity and you need the name and ID of a guarantor. If you cannot provide a guarantor yourself, Zaloan can also arrange this for you. There are additional costs involved. You provide your details and bank account number and deposit a test payment of 1 cent. If all checks prove to be in order, Zaloan will transfer the desired amount directly to you. Depending on the agreed duration, you will pay back your mini loan within 15 or 30 days.

Additional costs

As with every loan, you also pay interest on the amount owed on a mini-credit. The interest rates used for loans are generally relatively high. Fortunately for a loan of only 100 euros, this means that you also have to pay no more than one and a half to two euros in interest. However, what you have to take into account is that you really pay off on time. If you fail to do so, the lender can impose a fine on you and it can go pretty well. Anyone who lends wisely can of course easily prevent these kinds of problems. It is also best not to let the duration last too long. The sooner you get rid of your loan, the less interest it will cost you. Moreover, you will not be tempted to use the money for the loan for something else.

You can also borrow more than 100 euros

Zaloan is a specialist in mini loans. You can borrow money from 100 euros up to a maximum amount of 1500 euros. The duration of such a credit varies from 15 days to 62 days. In the latter case, you can also pay in two monthly installments. At the end of the agreed period you repay the borrowed money plus the interest due. Timely repayment prevents extra costs through fines and keeps you creditworthy for a possible next time. By using a short-term, low loan, you have just that little bit of space that helps you throughout the month. Handy if you need money quickly for expenses that you have not taken into account.

Would you like to go on holiday, but what about? A payday loan can be the solution!


The amount spent on summer vacation is optimally funded by the amount saved for this purpose, but this is not always the case. According to Eurostat data for 2015, the majority of Hungarian families have problems with a major unexpected expense, such as a costly health problem or the need to replace a larger household appliance. We have explored your options for staying away this year for reasons other than financial.

Payday loan for vacation? If there is nothing else, it can be a solution

Personal loan for vacation? If there is nothing else, it can be a solution

A payday loan is probably the best option if you are looking for a quick and easy way to finance your vacation. Many banks can claim it online, so it can take a few minutes to complete and if the bank finds it right, it can be paid out in as little as 2 days. Since the payday loan is secured by income, you must present your employer with a regular income statement when applying, so existing equity and real estate coverage is not a requirement.

During the credit rating process, the bank conducts an income check, checks the Central Credit Information System to see if you are on the negative list of debtors, and then offers you a loan. This offer includes the amount you can withdraw, at what interest and for what term.

You either accept or reject this offer. You can expect a good deal if you have a high net income. There’s a simple reason for this: Higher earnings make it easier to manage your installment payment, meaning your bank can lend you a lot more credit because you are more likely to be able to pay your installment on a regular basis.

What to look out for when you want a payday loan vacation?

What to look out for when you want a personal loan vacation?

The bank may decide not to grant you a loan, for one of the following reasons:

  • if you are already on the Central Credit Information System (KHR) negative debtor list. This may be the case if you have a credit debt, fraudulent use of a credit card or credit card, or if you have provided false information when entering into a contract for any financial product (bank account, credit, etc.). The system distinguishes between live and closed omissions. In order to get out of the negative list, you have to settle any arrears (you can do this, but you can do so as collateral or guarantors), or if the contract in question is rescheduled or otherwise settled by mutual agreement. Defaults closed with execution are visible in the system for 1 year from the date of fulfillment, and defaults closed with loss or agreement for 5 years from the closing.
  • if you do not have regular primary income, salary (what you are looking for as an employee, entrepreneur, retired or foreign worker),
  • if your employment contract is for a fixed term (with no prospect of renewal), or if it is for a shorter period than the term of the loan,
  • if you are spending too much or borrowing too high on your certified net income.

It can be an advantage and an expedition if you are a client of the bank you are looking for a loan from for a longer period of time, as you can easily assess your financial situation based on the costs and revenues in your checking account. As a result, a decision is made more quickly on the possible disbursement of the payday loan.

You spend the free payday loan on whatever you want

You spend the free personal loan on whatever you want

payday loans are the most popular hit product on the market, and banks signed new payday loan agreements worth HUF 128.5 billion in the first four months of the year, an increase of 58 percent compared to the previous year.

Compared to fixed-term loans, the benefit of a free-to-use payday loan is less administration and paperwork when applying, as the cover is not secured by the real estate and there is no definition as to what you can spend the amount claimed for. This is a risk for the bank, which makes the loan more expensive.

Credit Insurance: Definition, Benefits and Products.

When banks or financial institutions provide loans to debtors (people who make loans), there is certainly a risk, right? For example, the risk of default is due to the debtor’s death. Such an event is definitely unavoidable. Therefore, the bank or loan institution must anticipate it.

How? Of course transfer the risk to other parties, namely insurance companies. There is such thing as credit insurance, which is protection against the risk of debt default.

When an undesirable thing happens to the debtor that results in default, the insurance company will replace or pay off all debtor debts to the bank or financial institution.

Like other insurance, of course there are premiums. Therefore, any loans provided by banks or financing services are usually included in insurance. But there are also optional ones where the debtor (borrower) must buy this insurance package.

Come on, see how important this credit insurance, benefits, and how to register.

Reasons Why Credit Credit Is Important

Reasons Why Credit Credit Is Important

Credit insurance provides protection so that loan repayments can remain paid off despite unexpected risks. The risks borne are death, permanent disability, and layoffs at the debtor. So, heirs do not need to bear or be liable to pay off credit debt.

Credit insurance provides dual protection, both for creditors or lenders and for heirs left by debtors or recipients of debt.

It should be noted, credit insurance is not a way out to avoid payment or repayment of debt. The insurance company only covers the risks that have been regulated in the credit insurance membership certificate.

If your credit insurance is rejected, the creditor will still ask you to pay off the debt despite having to confiscate your assets. However, this step is still regulated in the corridor of applicable law.

To avoid rejecting claims from credit insurance companies, there are a number of important things that you must understand and know. In order for the heirs to not be confused because they have to bear a variety of risks they may not be able to bear it if you die, permanent disability, or lose your job so you cannot complete your obligations.

Important Things to Look For When Taking Credit Insurance

Important Things to Look For When Taking Credit Insurance

Like an insurance that provides protection, sometimes there are also claims that are rejected for various reasons. To avoid refusing credit insurance, there are a number of things you need to pay attention to as discussed below:

  • Participants must complete SPPAJ (Application for Life Insurance Closing) in full, honest and correct.
  • Request proof of membership certificate to the insurance company through the lending bank.
  • Learn the benefits, duration of coverage, and exceptions to the membership certificate.
  • Inform the heirs about credit debt and participation in credit insurance.

Some of the reasons for submitting credit insurance claims rejected by insurance companies are as follows:

  • Information in the SPPAJ (Life Insurance Closing Request) is not in accordance with the actual condition and medical history
  • Requirements for submitting claims are not completed
  • The insurance period has expired

Also keep in mind that there are some exceptions in credit insurance that need to be understood. The following are some of the risks not covered by this insurance:

  • Nuclear reactions or the like that make the debtor’s business fail and affect their ability to pay their obligations
  • Political risk that causes the failure of the debtor’s business
  • Legal actions taken by the government against debtors have an effect on the ability of debtors to repay their loans
  • Natural disasters
  • As a result of errors or omissions from banks or financial institutions that provide credit

How to Apply for Credit Insurance

How to Apply for Credit Insurance

The following is a guide to registering for credit insurance:

  1. Register through the lending bank
  2. Fill in the Application for Closing Life Insurance (SPPAJ)
  3. Pay premiums in accordance with the terms of credit insurance
  4. Proof of credit insurance is not in the form of a policy but rather a membership certificate from an insurance company

For the debtor himself, there are separate provisions that must be met. Debtors received by insurance companies as insured objects are those aged 20 to 64 years. With an estimated age of 65, the debt can be paid off.

Now, you can check again whether your loan has credit insurance or not. Meanwhile, for those of you who are planning to borrow, it’s good to consider this insurance in your loan package. Because, usually there are banks or financing services that have completed your loan contract with insurance, some are optional.

Of course you do not expect anything bad but there is nothing wrong just in case, right? Indeed credit insurance adds to your borrowing costs, but the benefits far outweigh your premium payments.

You and your family can be much calmer. If you die or cannot work due to total permanent disability that results in default, the family will not be billed by the bank.