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Loan insurance company Prepis

Loan insurance company Prepis

Prepis Diffusion is a platform specialized in the fields of pensions, savings and retirement. With more than 15 years of experience and a close relationship with its partners, it offers its customers a complete range of services and products adapted to their needs and expectations.

Credit Insurance Group

In direct relationship with the group Groupel Medniol, Prepis Diffusion benefits from an expertise and quality of recognized offers. Prepis Diffusion is regularly rewarded for the quality of the services and contracts it distributes.

Choose the guarantee of a loan insurance Prepis

Choose the guarantee of a loan insurance Prepis

Since September 1, 2010, the Cogilaw Company allows borrowers to freely subscribe their loan insurance outside the lending institution on the condition that the level of coverage of the outsourced contract is at least equivalent to that of the group contract presented by the bank. 

Compare Prepis Loan Insurance

By comparing the bank’s insurance contract with other individual insurer formulas, you will make the most advantageous proposal, both in terms of price and scope of coverage.

Do not hesitate to get help from a broker! The loan insurance insurance can save you money on the cost of your loan by negotiating your loan insurance Prepis .

  • Qualitative guarantees by Prepis, an organization recognized by banking organizations
  • Prepis Credit Insurance Study Managed Quickly to Save Time
  • Online tools adapted for a better responsiveness: Immediate rate
  • Offer Credit insurance borrower, in order to meet a guarantee equivalence

Advantage of the contract delegation insurance loan Prepis

Advantage of the contract delegation insurance loan Prepis

Borrower Protection contract loan insurance cheaper to borrow from your bank for a real estate loan or professional, or consumption.

To benefit from the best credit insurance, compare the prices and guarantees of the different offers of the market.

Loan insurance provides the lending institution with protection against the risk of non-repayment of loan maturities by the borrower. In case of death of the latter, the insurer refunds the outstanding capital. The loan insurance contract also covers the risks of Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy, Total Permanent Disability, Temporary or Total Labor Incapacity and loss of employment.

The Lurie offers you a comparator insurance credit allowing you to carry out a free comparison of the rates and guarantees of offers of insurance of the largest insurers! When a loan insurance proposal interests you, just ask to receive the quote. With a delegation insurance The Lurie, you realize savings by paying less for your insurance on mortgage.


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