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The current interest rates for mortgage lending are as favorable

The current interest rates for mortgage lending are as favorable

The interest rates for mortgage lending are credited on the balance and only recently on the interest. Own house with borrowed capital Weak demand situation in the English mortgage market: Mortgage lenders now also want to initiate the acquisition of real estate by poor first-time lenders. The Association of British Building Societies Associations has asked its member companies to rethink whether they should not really offer first-time buyers without capital funding. A decade ago, the Building Society Northern Rock was nationalized. Also, the bank had not stopped at 125% and in the end won no buyers for their secured financings.

Mortgage lenders may find that a small proportion of their mortgage loans to first-time buyers could cover 100% of the property purchase price without the significant risk to their loan book. If a person who has just completed a car loan is 95% funded, this is in practice granted on the premise that the acquirer uses existing assets as own funds, provided that sufficient solvency exists.

If, on the other hand, he pays the vehicle in full and then applies for a mortgage amounting to 100% of the purchase price, he will be refused, even though his credit rating is the same in both cases. For banks and building societies, it was necessary to not exceed 15% of all new mortgage loans, which is 4.5 times the annual income of the debtor.

The mortgage loans granted have a mortgage volume

The mortgage loans granted have a mortgage volume

According to the latest figures, more than one quarter (28%) of the mortgage loans granted have a mortgage volume of 4.0 times or more. This should reflect the increased land prices. Despite low interest rates, new commitments in the current year have risen only about as high as the available gross income of private households.

A decision of the district court Augsburg could be an important step in the BW exhaust scandal, from which many other damaged vehicle buyers benefited. By decision of the district court of Augsburg on 13 October 2018, BW has taken back an affected and the acquirer the entire purchase price plus interest refunded.

However, the absolute highlight is that Bonwaken has no claim for damages after making this decision. In that regard, the Augsburg district court is in accordance with these judgments. The new – and this is the difference between this decision and the Augsburg decision of the Federal Court – is, however, that VW also has no right to compensation for the use of the kilometers traveled.

This is a true drumbeat in the exhaust dispute and proves that the case law is always consumer-friendly.While the car is influenced by the exhaust controls, he sued and won an impressive success in the Augsburg district court. The Augsburg district court has no legal claim to compensation for use.

However, the claims must be enforced as the statute of limitations seems to be running until the end of 2018.


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